Africa’s foremost bank, AFDB, has its capital increased to $208 billion to fund infrastructure and economic development in the continent.

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AFDB President Akinwumi Adesina

Governors of the African Development Bank in Abidjan, speaking to investors from 80 nations, approved a milestone $115 billion increment in capital for the continent’s principal financial institution. The capital increment, the biggest throughout the entire existence of the African Development Bank since its foundation in 1964, is a striking demonstration of certainty by investors.

With this increment, the capital of the Bank will dramatically increase from $93 billion to $208 billion. This will further strengthen the Bank’s initiative on advancing financial development for the continent.

The increase in capital guarantees that the Bank will maintain its sterling AAA rating, all steady, from the top rating organizations. The African Development Bank launched solicitation for a general capital increment two years ago, to hasten the achievement of its High 5 developmental strategies, the sustainable developmental goals and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

The Achievements of the AFDB in the past 5 years

In the previous four years, the Bank’s High 5 priorities have produced amazing outcomes on the ground, including connecting 16 million individuals to power, 70 million individuals provided with agricultural technology to support food security; 9 million individuals offered access to funds through private segment investee organizations; 55 million individuals given enhanced access to transport services; and 31 million individuals with access to water and sanitation.

Plans with the new funds

With the new broad capital increment, the Bank intends to accomplish more, with the accompanying anticipated outcomes: 105 million individuals to have new or improved power connectivity; 244 million individuals to benefit from upgrades in agriculture; 15 million individuals to profit by investee ventures; 252 million individuals to profit by improved access to transport; and 128 million individuals to profit by improved access to water and sanitation.

Why African Countries need to further support the AFDB to eliminate poverty from Africa?

With the great achievements recorded by the bank in the previous 5 years, this is glaring proof that the funds approved are well deserved. African countries need to increase the funds given to the bank as they have an excellent track record in investing in key areas that will help lift millions of Africans out of the poverty trap.

The AFDB is among the most reputable financial institutions in the world and as such the capital increment is well deserved. This capital increment if maintained for the coming years will transform Africa to unbelievable heights.

Congratulations to President Akinwumi Adesina. African youths appreciate and believe in your visions for Africa.

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