Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, commissions a greenhouse nursery in Nigeria to supply farmers with the best quality tomato seedlings, making Nigeria self-sufficient in tomato production


Dangote Tomatoes Processing Limited a subsidiary of Dangote Farms has unveiled an $8 million greenhouse nursery in Kano to supply the best quality tomato seedlings to Nigerian farmers. The nursery uses the Pat Moose planting technology, the first of its kind in Nigeria. It has the capacity to process 350 million tonnes of hybrid tomato seedlings per season enabling the planting of 12000 hectares of tomato farm. The pat moose process takes 3 weeks before proceeding to the next stage reducing the whole process of growing tomatoes to just 3 months.

Opportunities created by the Nursery

The setting of up this nursery means that the country is now on the trajectory of being self-sufficient in tomato production as well as exporting the surplus to the rest of the continent. Currently, Nigeria consumes 2.3 million tonnes of tomatoes annually. With this technology, it has the capacity to more than triple tomato production enabling the exportation to countries in the sub-region.

Furthermore, this nursery will produce the highest quality tomato seedling available meaning that the farmers can grow the highest yield tomatoes. Currently, the yields produced by Nigerian farmers are less than the global standard. As a result, farmers will be able to earn more income from selling higher volumes of harvests each season.

The on-going agricultural revolution in Nigeria

Currently, Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari is undergoing an agricultural revolution. The government has banned the importation of rice and chicken into the country. The rice and poultry industry of the country had virtually collapsed due to the smuggling of the products through the country’s porous borders. Moreover, the president took the extra step of closing its borders with neighboring countries to prevent the influx of smuggled products into the country.

The implementation of these measures has produced results as Nigeria is now the largest producer of rice in Africa. Similarly, poultry farmers have lauded the government’s measures as they now have high demands for their products and many are working on expanding their facilities to accommodate this increasing demand.

Lesson for other African countries

Nigeria is on a trajectory to becoming self-sufficient in rice, tomatoes and poultry production. This means that millions of jobs will be created for her citizens. The African continent imports $40 billion of food annually despite having 65% of the world’s arable land. The public-private model on-going in Nigeria could be adopted by other African countries to also attain self-sufficiency in food production.

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30 years ago I tried to interest Nigerian business people in intensive verticle growing systems to produce masses of tomato and salad crops and both carp and tilapia in small lots close to city centres but not interest from investors.
If anyone still interested please contact me.

Can you email me, I’m an interested entrepreneur farmer. I owns land in Nigeria, I’d love your expertise in guidance for different growing methods.

I am equally interested in this initiative. I think the best way to do is to go the way of cooperative groups. Kindly contact via my email

Hello Ms. White,

My name is Paul James and i currently live in the USA (New York specifically). I believe new farming techniques are essential for Africa’s move into the 21st century. As climate change brings drought to once fertile areas, there will be greater need to do more with less resources. I would like to be a part of an agricultural renaissance for the African continent (and to be honest, to allow African American communities to find some level of food self-sufficiency, in turn revealing the power of community and opening the door to possibilities in the Homeland).

I would really appreciate getting in contact with you.

Paul James

Yes indeed I am very much interested. I also from Nigeria and Land in Nigeria for only Agricultural use only. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you.. Thanks and Regards. Asubby.

I am interested in tomatoes farming. I presently resident in the UK and my farm is in Ogun State, Nigeria.
I am ready to relocation if all goes well. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello,, Rose white
Congratulations for the effort.

I absolutly interested with that initiative and to be an enterpreneur in agricultural issue as well.
Am victor Yongo from Tanzania i own 20hectres land and fertility.
I’m also welcome you in my country here to support domestic and large scale cultivator in high level guidance.

Will appreciate much if you email me and get in communication with you.

Your sincerly
Victor Yongo.

Hi, Mr. DANGOTE bring some of ur business to chicago, i would love to work for u, sir i really admire u. , a lot and all that u do , if u just think about pls. Thank u !!!

A couple of days ago in my restroom in far away fairbanks I stumbled on TOMATO Photograph on my fone titled Ag ‘- Mazing. I immediately took interest and goggle to read more on this amazing & money spinning edibible crop and I got more interested that with an acre of land one can harvest 37 tons. This is cool & awesome. And I swung into action by writing my view to encourage our young able bodied in Nigeria to take this agribusiness.
This Dangote Green House initiative is highly commendable and I hope the seedling would be readily available in the country and the common tomato disease would be taken off ditto for market of this products to prevent rotten &lost of revenue

Let’s Nigerians beware of those poisonous tourists will be going to inject poison in those plantations, water for sabotaging the country images and the products. So you can continue to importing from them. Watch out not all of them clapping for you are your favourite!!!! We need changes for mama Africa now not 2063

Hello sir, am really interested in your project and love to work with you, you already have a cement plant in my country Zambia. Kindly also bring this project as well,, as your know sir my country is very fortunate as we are blessed with very good rains. Kindly contact me on my email address below.

Im intrested aswell, but I live in Germany, so please Kontakt me via my E-Mail for more Diskusion.

Hiya, this is indeed a great initiative towards launching the Continent of Africa into the Worlds Agricultural Pedestal.
A number of upcoming Agric Farmers are in the making and possibly more efforts are required to garner the efforts into a more productive venture ie Mass production and availability of good seedlings to promote greater yield.

I believe this is the time to harness all efforts and stakeholders coming together to harness available resources at bringing better opportunities.

As a farmer, every one is looking at ways of coming up with greater yield and would like to synergies with available opportunities.

We can all do it with greater cooperation and leverage the available opportunity coming our way.

Hi,it is welcome development for Nigerians,becouse God was blessed our land with all nutrients & fertility in abundant,So with a loud voice even am interest if i get an investors.i am intrested in growing Tomato and Onion.
Long life Africa,long life Nigeria,Long life Aliko Dangote

This is a good development in our nation in her quest for food sufficiency. Dangote is one man that is thinking of Nigeria becoming a global player in Africa, if not world economy. I salute his ueffort. Individuals, should tap into this great opportunity

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