Nigeria has started constructing Africa’s first specialized Transport University to develop local railway, road and other transport sector expertise.

President Buhari during the launching ceremony

Africa’s first specialised Transport University is being built at a 413ha site in Daura, Katsina State. According to President Buhari, the purpose of the university is to elevate the transport sector of Nigeria especially in the construction of rail-lines, roads and other transport-related services. President Buhari is on a mission to lift at least 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in the next 10 years. A key part of the aspirations is the establishment of local industries to create jobs. The building of this transport university is thus a step in the right direction.

The construction of the university will last for 18 months at a cost of $50m. The university is being constructed in collaboration with China Civil engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) who will bore the cost as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Benefits of the transport university

This university will provide huge benefits to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. This university will bridge the skills and technological gap that Nigeria currently grapple with. It will enable the transfer of skills from the Chinese who are widely renowned as the global leaders in railway and road construction.

Students from other African countries can also be enrolled to benefit the transport sectors of their countries. A large number of jobs will also be created consequently reducing unemployment. As a result, with time all the transport needs of Africa will be built and operated by Africans.

Expand to other transport sectors

While the concentration on railway and road transportation is a step in the right direction, the university should not just stop there. Departments that specialise in air and sea transport should also be launched. This will pave the way for the emergence of a robust sea and air industry. The future should be “made in Nigeria/Africa ships and airplanes”.

Research and Development for innovation

Any industry that does not innovate will stagnate and subsequently will be consumed by competitors with time. Hence the university should be accompanied by strong research and development centers. It is through these research centers that Nigerians can develop their own customised road, rail, sea and air transport. Innovation centers will develop the absorptive capacity needed to import technologies from outside and customise them to local conditions. Hence it is paramount that the university builds strong transport research centers.

China- Africa relations continue to flourish.

This collaboration with china follows last month’s CCECC’s construction of west africa’s first wagon manufacturing plant. China has proven beyond doubt that it is ready to partner with Africa towards fulfilling the continent’s industrialisation agenda. In September, 60 Nigerian engineers departed for China to study transformer manufacturing. Nigeria is constructing transformer manufacturing plants to supply its dilapidated power grids.

Other African countries should follow in Nigeria’s footsteps and identify the key competitive advantages that they lack skills in. They can then partner with china to develop their local expertise in order to develop their countries.

The onus remains on African countries to identify key areas and partner with China. Nigeria is definitely taking full advantage of this opportunity.

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