These teenage movie makers from Nigeria show that Nollywood has the potential to compete with Hollywood for Global audience.

The crew of the Critics Company


Nollywood refers to the Nigerian film industry. Nollywood produces the second highest number of movies by volume after Bollywood (the Indian film industry). The market of Nollywood is mostly in Africa and the African diaspora. It has yet to reach the global audience like how Bollywood or Hollywood has captured the globe. This could be because the genres are mostly dramas in African setting which does not cut across all cultures.

The Critics Company

The critics are a group of Nigerian teens from Kaduna in Northern Nigeria. The teens have found a niche in Sci-fic. Their first movie “Redemption” was produced in 2016. They taught themselves visual effects by watching YouTube videos. They faced challenges such as slow internet speed and power cuts during production of their movies.

Their movies focus on super heroes, aliens and supernatural powers. For example, their most recent 10 minutes movie titled “Z-The Beginning” has racked up more than 250 thousand YouTube views. This was such a brilliant movie with great CGI, fight scenes and acting. Unbelievable that it was done by teens from their backyard.

Nowadays, Sci-fic movies are made using highly sophisticated software with large budgets. However, these teens used just a smartphone and a tripod stand made from a broken microphone stand.

The teens were such a hit with the global audience that they were featured in Aljazeera, Africanews and Tamil Nadu news in far away India.

Future of Nollywood

Nollywood movie producers and directors should use this opportunity and harness the creativity of these teens in order to move to the next level. Though Nollywood does make excellent dramas. But in order to reach the next level, they must venture into Action, Thriller and Sci-fic genres.

Huge budgets will not be a limitation since these teens used everyday tools to produce such great content. That is to say, the cost of producing quality movies will be low and the return on investments will be high.

This will provide massive revenues for the industry and finally elevate the reputation of the Nigerian film industry in the global stage. This could even result in top Hollywood actors being featured in Nollywood movies.

Certainly, the coming months and years will decide whether Nollywood does have the management and business acumen to harness the creativity of these young Nigerians. As a result, Nollywood would have diverse movie genres if successful in this venture . Finally, the Nigerian movie industry would compete with Hollywood for global audience.

Doing business in Rwanda is now easier than in France, Netherlands and Japan. A lesson for other African countries.

President Kagame

According to the 2018 ease of doing business report released by the world bank, Rwanda is now ranked 29 in the world out of 190 countries. This remarkable achievement means that Rwanda has a better business environment than several economic powerhouses including France, Spain, Netherlands, Japan and Switzerland. Rwanda is 2nd in the continent behind Mauritius. Rwanda improved its ranking from 41st last year to 29th this year.

The ease of doing business report

The ease of doing business report was pioneered by Simeon Djankov. Every year the world bank releases the report that measure the cost to companies of doing business in 190 countries. The report ranks countries after assessing several indicators such as analysis of costs, requirements and procedures private firms are subject to in all countries. Thus, it shows which countries and leaders are promoting business environment reforms. The report is an important knowledge source. Developing countries especially use the report as guideline in reforming their business environments.

How Rwanda achieved this position

Rwanda has improved its business regulatory environment and will very soon catch up with the global best regulatory practices. This outstanding feat was achieved through the various reforms implemented by the visionary leadership of President Paul Kagame. Firstly, the country implemented the highest number of reforms globally in 2017/2018 at seven. Secondly, the country has significantly improved its land dispute resolution mechanism. Consequently, the country ranks second globally for property registration.

Thirdly, the country’s reforms in access to credit placed it among the top ten worldwide when it comes to access to credit. Finally, the country introduced electronic online business registration. As a result, starting a business in the country is relatively easy. Similarly, the cost of starting a business has greatly reduced from 317 percent of GDP per capita in 2005 to below 15 percent in 2018.

President Kagame’s vision

President Kagame’s vision is to transform Rwanda into middle-income status by 2035 and high-income status by 2050. Since the 1994 genocide, Rwanda has achieved one of the fastest economic growth in the world at 7 percent per annum. As a result, several improvements have been observed in the country.

For instance, life expectancy increased from 31 to 69 years and less than 40 percent of the population are below the poverty line. Additionally, several social indicators especially the health sector has drastically improved. With hard work and improved strategies it is possible for the country to fast-tract the developmental goals and bring the dates forward.

Sub-Saharan African countries on the move

For the third consecutive year, sub-Saharan countries implemented the most reforms globally. In the past year the region implemented 107 reforms to improve the ease of doing business especially for small and medium enterprises. Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria and Djibouti were among the top ten list of countries with the most improvements across three or more indicators.

The region has done extremely well in improving the ease of doing business in the past three years. However, there are still significant regulatory challenges to overcome. Policy makers in African countries should continue implementing more reforms in order to place the region among the top globally in ease of doing business. Rwanda is proof that with the right leadership, African countries could be among the best globally in ease of doing business. Once this is achieved, millions of Africans will be lifted out of poverty.